JIANGHUA MARINE, established by the China Merchants Group in HongKong, Australia yacht company, HongKong Ying Hui shipyard joint venture in Shekou ,Shenzhen, in 1981, is China’s earliest as well as China’s first trademark yacht manufactures with the international registration of Chinese independent intellectual property rights “logo of the Integrity”.
    Now our company has developed more than a dozen agents in the United States of America, Italy, France, Holland, Finland, Slovenia, Australia and other developed countries. We moved to Zhuhai in 2007, as the rapid development needs, we removed to Guangzhou, the place near the beautiful Lanhe River, Covering more than 70,000 square meters. (More......)

    Jianghua Marine makes professional FRP yacht, Ferry, and Speed boat, has a group of professional workers owning thirty-years experience in manufacturing yachts .The production of the 30 feet -80 feet yachts are sold to Euramerican market and Australian market, and have won the admiration and favor of customers from home and abroad.

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